Online Therapy

No matter where you are in the World you can access my Positive Change Therapies online via Skype, FaceTime or Messenger or on WhatApp.

Research has consistently found that the therapeutic relationship over video therapy is just as strong as face to face.

If you think you would benefit from Positive Change Therapies, but know that you would struggle to fit a series of face-to-face sessions into your busy schedule, online sessions via Skype, FaceTime or Messenger might be the best choice for you. Thanks to today’s technology, help can come right into your office or home, at a time that is convenient for you.

Book your session by using the form below and you can use any of the following resources :

  • Skype

  • FaceTime

  • Facebook Messenger

  • WhatsApp

There are a several tangible benefits for using online Counselling & Hypnotherapy, for example it is convenient, more cost effective, online Counselling & Hypnotherapy can be accessed from where ever you feel most comfortable, working online also provides a strong sense of anonymity. The other advantages for using this modality of Counselling & Hypnotherapy is that clients are motivated to discuss their issues far more quickly, it is accessible for individuals, especially those who reside in isolated areas & who don’t have direct access to mental health professionals, all of the above points provide both welcome and reliable advantages.

Feed back- “I find SKYPE counselling sessions an easy, effective & perfect replacement from face to face appointments and they are equally as personal - an ideal way to communicate & build relationships as if I was in the same room, irrespective of different time zones and locations” Clare H

”Using WhatsApp to be able to access Counselling is wonderful, it allows me to access support without concern of having to work out the logistics, i.e getting to a location, parking etc. I access my appointments either from a secure office or in the private comfort of my chosen place, which provides me with familiarity. As a result I have been able to open up more quickly, which is very positive. Working on line has provided me with an accessible & trusting environment that slots into my routine so well.Thank you Elva for offering this wonderful facility.” Kim

Sessions are 50 minutes

Skype Online Therapy UK £45.00 / SINGAPORE $125.00 (T&C’s apply) Face to Face Therapy Singapore $140.00 (T&C’s apply)

A 20 minute free preview session is available for online therapy enquiries.

Progress is only possible when you make positive changes, if you cannot change your mind then you cannot change anything.

Progress is only possible when you make positive changes, if you cannot change your mind then you cannot change anything.

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