Your Eight Session Planner


The Initial consultation

Hypnotherapy and Counselling are both natural and gentle ways of treating emotional and psychological problems. Your brain is always learning; and our brains are constantly growing new neural pathways throughout our lifetimes. I will explain the science of how the Solution-Focused therapeutic approach works and its relationship to Neuro-plasticity. 

The Initial Consultation is an hour long and provides an opportunity for exploration. Each therapeutic relationship process is unique. My approach is strongly intuitive and tailored to meet your individual needs, goals, personality and style. 

You will be provided with a Welcome Pack containing a complimentary CD and other useful literature please listen to your CD every day/night just as you go to sleep.

Between sessions please aim to incorporate activities that will enhance Neuro-plasticity. “Feel good” chemicals are released in a number of ways:-

  • Physical activity e.g. walking, gardening, dancing, playing a sport,
  • Positive interaction e.g. going out with positive friends, watching a comedy, singing your favourite songs,
  • Positive thinking e.g. make a note as you begin to notice a shift in your thoughts, feelings and behaviour,
  • We will complete the necessary paper work (a Confidentiality Statement and a Contracting Document).

In preparation for your first session please complete the Goals and Aim sheet and bring it with you next week. 

Once a week I offer a complimentary ten-minute phone call this is to provide support for you between your sessions.

Session 1

In this session we will:-

  • Explore and define how to implement and achieve your “preferred future”
  • Discuss your goals and aims and compile an action plan, it can be normal for your goals to change
  • Clarify themes and their relationships to each other
  • Continue to develop our therapeutic relationship  
  • Recap on the commitment required to achieve Neuroplasticity everyday
  • Discuss realistic time frames (+/ - 8 sessions) required to achieve reaching your goals and agree on how you will measure progress through scaling
  • Explore and examine your Life wheel.

Sessions 2 – 6

Counselling sessions include using a range of therapeutic talking therapy approaches and last for 55 minutes (examining your progress, recognising change, finding solutions and developing your continued action plan and applying scaling)

Hypnotherapy sessions are divided into two parts.

The first part involves using talking therapy for 25 minutes (discovery, finding solutions, formatting an action plan and scaling) the remaining 30 minutes will include using Trance and deep relaxation techniques.

Throughout your therapy I may use a vast range of therapeutic approaches, these may include the Solution Focused approach, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Person centred, Gestalt, Neuro-linguistic programming, Psychodynamic and creative visualisation.

Session 7

We will review your progress. You should have a lot more intellectual control and be able to recognise patterns in your,

  • Behaviour
  •  Thinking
  • Any triggers
  • Or any stumbling blocks

We will talk about whether you decide to continue in therapy or end your therapeutic journey. In this session we may create a Mind Map. We will revisit your Life wheel and compare the differences.

If you chose to continue with therapy we will review your goals and extend your action plan to ensure you continue moving forward and build on your strengths for another four sessions and we will be reinforcing your growth and confidence.

If you choose to end your therapeutic journey please would you kindly fill in a Case study form and bring it with you to your final session next week.

Session 8 - Closure

If this session ends your therapeutic journey we will reflect on what you have learnt and how you have progressed as well as discuss your Case Study form.

Finally, to ensure your continued progress we will book an appointment for your free Review session in three months’ time.