When people are determined they can overcome anything.



Are you ready?

Before I trained as Counsellor and a clinical Hypnotherapist I had very little understanding of how therapy actually worked or of the benefits. I have been fortunate enough to have had therapy on several occasions - I say fortunate because until then I had no idea how much I was going to learn about myself, my thinking,my relationships and how what I learnt would impact on me so positively ,it completely transformed my confidence and my self esteem.

Talking therapies are designed to help you explore your current situation using language and words to find out exactly what needs to be different. For example I may ask you, “What would your life be like if one of the things we have discussed was no longer a problem for you?” When you discuss your future, then you can design and explore what your “best hopes” will be, this enables you to focus using your strengths. Therapy will give you the opportunity to explore your skills, your strengths and to examine what steps you need to take to create something different from what you are currently experiencing. By thinking and talking about things in this way you will begin to discover which direction you can go in to create a better life.


“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

NormaN Vincent Peale


“What do you what to change? and what do you hope to achieve?”

Experience has taught me that you are contacting me because you are ALREADY looking for SOMETHING TO BE DIFFERENT right from the onset.

You maybe looking to find solutions on how to manage your thinking, feelings and behaviour and because of this you are already assuming that you will find the answers. THIS IS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT SOLUTION FOCUSED BRIEF THERAPY. This approach isn’t interested in all the problems that you are struggling with; rather what I am interested in, is the direction that YOU want to pursue in other words “What is your desired outcome?” during your Initial consultation I will ask you questions along the lines of,

“What do you hope to achieve” & what needs to be different in the future?”

“Where do you want things to go from here?”

“What resources do you have to make that potential a reality?”

“Whats the first thing you will notice once something changes?”

“Who would notice that something had changed for the better?”

  • The lovely thing about this theraputic approach is that whilst you may chose to discuss the problem you are experiencing you don’t have to necessarily talk about the problem. I am always comfortable to discuss what it is you are currently experiencing, by using solution focused language and asking you open questions is no means being problem-phobic.

  • It is worth noting that what I’m not doing is extracting the problem from the YOU as if it’s something you have to tell me." The unique difference between this and other therapeutic approaches is that we will not on dwell problems, what we will do is aim to solve them, we do this by exploring what needs to be DIFFERENT. I am sure that by reading this page that you have already began to get an understanding of why this therapeutic approach is very different from any others you may have experienced, read or heard about.  

    I work with individuals and couples who are struggling with:

Anxiety- All forms of Anxiety, 
Stress, personally and at work,
Depression, low self esteem and confidence,

Relationship difficulties,
With teenagers and their families,


These simple questions identify how you are going to move in a different direction. Every session has a focus & a purpose and it will help you to make sustainable and positive changes.