What to expect - 

How you will feel -The approaches I use are designed to inspire, improve and alter both your thinking patterns and behaviour styles to create sustainable and lasting change. At the end of each session you will have found a solution to what ever it is you chose to explore.

Momentum is an important part of your therapy. I will work very closely with you to understand your situation and concerns; encouraging you to learn emotional stability so that you can implement changes and solutions on a daily basis to regain feelings of calm and control. 

My objective is to re-educate people about the changes they are able to make. Experience has taught me that when you understand how your brain and your two minds work then you can begin the process of exploring mediums of how to think differently, feel positive, become more effective, focus on solutions and learn how to implement these changes so that you can move forward. In the past few years Neuroscience has discovered that our thinking styles and behaviour is not static, once you understand the foundations of how to implement change then we can begin to find solutions.

I have a real passion for the science behind how our brains work and this is a key ingredient in my work. Understanding this will enable you to find optimistic solutions, improve your confidence and it will help you develop a belief in yourself so that you can accomplish your goals, this is a term that I call finding “Your preferred future”

Another important aspect of my work is to bring about an awareness of what is good about you, your life and your future. This is done by highlighting your existing strengths, my aim being to keep a positive momentum going in every session, so that you feel energised and determined to successfully transition. Together we can motivate and initiate change. When you enter into therapy you need to be actively engaged in the process and allow yourself to adapt to the change at a speed that is right for you.

I am passionate about the Brief, Solution Focused Theraputic Approach simply because it does what the title says : it finds solutions. This method of psychotherapy is proven to be effective within a relatively short time frame of 8-12 weeks, a time frame can be extended if required to achieve your “preferred future”.

As stress and anxiety are an accepted norm in this fast-paced and busy modern world, even the most successful among us may suffer from these or depression occasionally, psychological and emotional difficulties affect everyone; one person in four in the UK will have a mental health problem in their life. No matter what your age it is completely normal that at some point you may be faced with a challenging situation may need psychological or emotional support.

Logically, we know if we could find more or even some time to relax, get more sleep and make time to create good habits, then we would feel better. Yet, why is it so hard to do?

If you’re ready to conquer life’s stresses and strains, and you would like swap old habits for new, more positive patterns of behaviour, and thinking styles then you’re in the right place.You are responsible for your health both physically and mentally . Please get in touch today to find out how I can help you to create, and sustain lasting positive change in your life.

The bit about the therapist



I’m Elva Carter, I help people understand and manage their thoughts and emotions (such as anxiety, stress, worry, fear, loss / grief, depression and insomnia)

You know that how that how you  think affects how you behave one of my aims is to give you hope and the tools so that you can realine your purpose. 

Me as a person -You will experience me as a friendly and professional therapist who enjoys her work, my therapy room is modern and comfortable, its very private. 

About me - I am a qualified Psychotherapist (Counsellor and clinical – solution focused hypnotherapist) I am passionate about creating, sustainable change and I feel very fortunate to work in a profession where I not only witness people making intellectual change every day but I am also able to accompany them on their journey to making positive change. I feel truly blessed to work in the professional field of psychotherapy, I see my work not as a job but rather as “my calling

My specialisations include: -

·       depression
·       insomnia
·       anxiety
·       headaches
·       stress
·       fatigue
·       loss
·       relationship decline, break ups and divorce

Please call me on + 44 (0) 7818 003400 to arrange a free, no obligation 15 minute consultation. Please note that I also offer on-line therapy sessions using either SKYPE, FACE TIME or MESSENGER. This is an exciting new service called 'Call Me'. If this is of interest to you please either directly book a session here or call, email or message me to find out more about how on line therapy works on my number above or using this CALL NOW link.

My counselling practices are based in Ross on Wye, Midhurst West Sussex and in Haslemere in Surrey.

I can easily meet you if you are based in Hereford, Monmouth, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Haslemere, Liphook, Guilford, Chichester, Midhurst, Petworth Hindhead and Petersfield.

Alternately we could have a consultation online.

Thank you for visiting , I am looking forward to hearing from you.